Bedner Lake Joe EastonBedner'sPicture Uploadpublic1/4/2019175
Dan and Nancy SimmonsThe PorchPicture UploadpublicKathy1/20/2019174
Bill Wilson and Kathy YoheCrowne PlazaPicture Upload10/5/2018publicKathy1/20/2019173
Steve Meyer, Dale Landis, Nancy Breen, Carol Muenze, Judy Blacka, Sue Kallstrom, Bill Wilson, Nancy Kerr, Bev Sutton, Kathy YoheCrowne PlazaPicture Upload10/5/2018publicKathy1/20/2019172
Fran, Toni, Kathy, Nancy, Judy, SylviaReunionPicture Upload10/6/2018public1/21/2019170
Marcia and Bob ThornburgReunionPicture Uploadpublic12/2/2018168
Nancy Kerr and daughter LilyFamily PicturesPicture Uploadpublic166
Picture Uploadpublic162
Pam Kramer, Barb Maitland, Bill WilsonReunionPicture Uploadpublic161
Pat Amick, Barb Lennox, Candee Knauth and Ann McGrathReunionPicture Uploadpublic160
Barb Lennox, Kathy Barzler, Linda Blackwood and Scott HawkinsPicture Uploadpublic159
Linda Blackwood, Scott HawkinsPicture Uploadpublic156
Bill Wilson and Tom Harold in Bill’s 1967 BuickPicture Uploadpublic155
Tom Karwin and Pat AmickPicture Uploadpublic154
Barb Maitland, Carol Muenze and Pam KramerPicture Uploadpublic153
Toni DiFerio, Fran Laucik, Sylvia DiFerio and Joan PhillipsPicture Uploadpublic152
Dale Landis and Linda BlackwoodPicture Uploadpublic151
Tom Karwin, Pat Amick, Nancy Glaser, Bruce Stuckert, Patty Stuckert, Linda Blackwood, Ann McGrath at Bob’sPicture Uploadpublic150
This is us!!ReunionPicture Uploadpublic149
Picture Uploadpublic147
Bob Bedner and Carol MuenzeBedner'sPicture Uploadpublic146
Bob Elborne (Kathy Yohe), Emmett Smith, Sue Kallstrom, Colleen and Ed WilliamsonPicture Uploadpublic145
Us getting ready for class pictureReunionPicture Uploadpublic144
Sylvia and Toni DiFerio and Fran LaucikReunionPicture Uploadpublic141
20 year reunionReunionPicture Uploadpublic140
Bob’s lake on SundayPicture Uploadpublic138
Toni DiFerio and Donna Boss Sylvia DiFerio, Joanna Easton and Nancy KerrBedner'sPicture Uploadpublic137
Picture Uploadpublic136
Carol MuenzePicture Uploadpublic135
Bob and Chris Mantz at The CrownePicture Uploadpublic134
Bill Wilson and Nancy KerrPicture Uploadpublic133
Jan Wilson and Judy BlackaPicture Uploadpublic132
Marcia Thornburg and Patty StuckertPicture Uploadpublic131
Bob’s farm - Beautiful!Picture Uploadpublic129
Bob’s lakePicture Uploadpublic128
Fran and Bob LongPicture Uploadpublic127
Us after 51 years!Picture Uploadpublic126
Nancy, Suzi Minor, Dale Landis, Judy, RobN, Mary Andrews, Linda Bartek, Cory Harris, Kathy Yohe, Merry Kaisner, Jackie Rogers, Nancy GlaserPicture Uploadpublic125
All of us!!Picture Uploadpublic124
Tina and AJ Isaaco at Bob’sBedner'sPicture Uploadpublic123
Nancy Kerr, Suzi Minor, Dale Landis, Judy BlackaPicture Uploadpublic122
Rick Cunningham, Tom Junker, Bruce Stuckert, Carol Muenze, Smith Wilson at Bob’sBedner'sPicture Uploadpublic121
Tom Karwin, Chuck Miller, Ann McGrath, Tom Rickel, Kathy Barzler, Linda Blackwood, Pam Kramer and Dale LandisPicture Uploadpublic120
Chuck Miller, Noha and Bob TuryReunionPicture Uploadpublic11/3/2018117
Bob Tury and Bob ThornburgReunionPicture Uploadpublic11/3/2018116
Bob Tury, Donna Boss and Pam KramerReunionPicture Uploadpublic11/3/2018115
Bob Tury, Donna Boss, Rick Cunningham, Barb Maitland, Carol Muenze, Don McKelvey and Joe EastonReunionPicture Uploadpublic11/3/2018114
Bob Tury, Kit Dapprich and Chuck MillerReunionPicture Uploadpublic11/3/2018112
Bob Tury and Nancy KerrReunionPicture Uploadpublic11/3/2018111
Nancy Glaser & Keith McWalter's wife, Courtney arrive at Crown Plaza after '67 convertible ride with Bill & Jan WilsonReunionPicture Upload10/6/2018publicBill Wilson10/17/2018109
usPicture Uploadpublic6/23/2018108
Thaleia in Placerville CAFamily PicturesPicture Upload9/15/2017publicThaleia Georgiades9/28/2018107
Reunion committee meeting at The Porch in May 2018ReunionPicture Upload5/8/2018publicNancy Kerr Junker6/20/2018106
SHOP@USC enjoying thank you donutsnonePicture Uploadpublic10/27/2018105
SHOP@USC enjoying thank you donutsPicture Uploadpublic10/27/2018104
SHOP@USC enjoying thank you donutsPicture Uploadpublic10/27/2018103
SHOP@USC enjoying thank you donutsPicture Uploadpublic10/27/2018102
SHOP@USC enjoying thank you donutsReunionPicture Uploadpublic10/27/2018101
SHOP@USC enjoying thank you donutsPicture Uploadpublic10/27/2018100
Dave and Jean Naismith BenzFamily PicturesPicture Uploadpublic9/12/201899
Bill Wilson w/ his '67 Buick Skylark; our year!Family PicturesPicture Upload7/21/2018publicBill Wilson9/28/201898
JoAnna Easton on the summit of Stowe PinacleFamily PicturesPicture Upload9/22/2018publicJoAnna Easton10/3/201897
JoAnna Easton in Newburyport, MA with my beloved dog, RumiFamily PicturesPicture UploadpublicJoAnna Easton10/3/201896
Visit Thaleia at her home near Lake Tahoe, CAFamily PicturesPicture Upload9/1/2018publicThaleia Georgiades9/28/201895
JoAnna and Joe EastonBedner'sPicture Upload10/7/2018publicDonna Murgel10/16/201894
Dave Benz, Marsha Collins, Chuck Miller, Kathy Murphy and Dan Murphy at 20th ReunionPicture Uploadpublic10/25/201893
Carol Muenze, Nancy Kerr and Dale LandisPicture Uploadpublic10/25/201892
Carol Muenze and Dale LandisPicture Uploadpublic10/25/201891
Rick Cunningham, Carol Muenze Cunningham, Tom Junker, Donna Boss and Sylvia DiFerio at 20th reunionPicture Uploadpublic10/25/201890
Judy Blacka and Bob LongBedner'sPicture Uploadpublic10/25/201889
Emmett (Greg) SmithBedner'sPicture Uploadpublic10/25/201888
Denny MagulickBedner'sPicture Uploadpublic10/25/201887
Jim Douglass, Carol Muenze, Donna Boss and Clif ArbesBedner'sPicture Uploadpublic10/25/201886
Bob Bedner and Colleen MaloneyBedner'sPicture Uploadpublic10/25/201885
Bob Bedner and Joe Easton. Colleen Maloney and Linda Blackwood at back tableBedner'sPicture Uploadpublic10/25/201884
Donna Boss and Tom KnollBedner'sPicture Uploadpublic10/25/201883
Joe Easton and Fran Laucik. Colleen Maloney and Linda Blackwood at back tableBedner'sPicture Uploadpublic10/25/201882
Steve Meyer and JoAnna EastonBedner'sPicture Uploadpublic10/25/201881
Donna Boss, Carol Muenze and Clif Arbes at Bob’sBedner'sPicture Uploadpublic10/25/201880
Ed Williamson, Emmett (Greg) Smith and Denny Magulick at Bob’sBedner'sPicture Uploadpublic10/25/201879
Sue Kallstrom, Colleen Maloney, Nancy Glaser, Linda Blackwood and Judy Blacka at Bob’sBedner'sPicture Uploadpublic10/25/201878
Colleen Maloney, Nancy Glaser, Carol Muenze and Linda Blackwood at Bob’sBedner'sPicture Uploadpublic10/25/201877
Nancy and Tom Junker at Bob’sBedner'sPicture Uploadpublic10/25/201876
Jan and Bill Wilson at Bob’sBedner'sPicture Uploadpublic10/25/201875
Bob Bedner, Joe Easton and Steve Meyer at Bob’sBedner'sPicture Uploadpublic10/25/201873
Carol Muenze at Bob’sBedner'sPicture Uploadpublic10/25/201870
Jackie Rogers and Kathy YoheBedner'sPicture Uploadpublic10/25/201867
Steve Meyer, Kathy Murphy and Denny MagulickReunionPicture Uploadpublic10/25/201865
Memory BoardReunionPicture Uploadpublic10/25/201864
Lois Nesbitt Clark and Bobbie ColtmanReunionPicture Uploadpublic10/25/201863
Don McKelveyReunionPicture Uploadpublic10/25/201862
Nancy Kerr, Lois Nesbitt Clark and Carol MuenzeReunionPicture Uploadpublic10/25/201861
Donna Boss, Jim Douglass, Dale Landis, Lois Nesbitt ClarkCrowne PlazaPicture Uploadpublic10/25/201860
Lois Nesbitt Clark, Nancy Muller, Carol Muenze and RobN TeichmannReunionPicture Uploadpublic10/25/201859
Dale Landis and Lois Nesbitt ClarkReunionPicture Uploadpublic10/25/201858
5th Grade, Mrs. Heavil’s classPicture Uploadpublic10/25/201856
Memory BoardReunionPicture Uploadpublic10/25/201854
Denny Magulick, Kathy Murphy, Dale Landis and Clif ArbesCrowne PlazaPicture Uploadpublic10/25/201853
Sue Kallstrom, Nancy Muller and Bobbie ColtmanCrowne PlazaPicture Uploadpublic10/25/201852
Judy Blacka and Carol MuenzeCrowne PlazaPicture Uploadpublic10/25/201851
Entrance to Reunion at CrowneReunionPicture Uploadpublic10/25/201850
Bob Thornburg’s backyard vacation, summer, 2018, Oklahoma City, OKFamily PicturesPicture Upload8/24/2018publicBob Thornburg10/10/201849
Bob Thornburg’s USC/Pitt PantherFamily PicturesPicture Upload9/10/2018publicBob Thornburg10/10/201848
David Benz-Class 67 lives Gig Harbor, WAFamily PicturesPicture Uploadpublic9/12/201847
Dave and Jean Naismith BenzFamily PicturesPicture Uploadpublic9/12/201846
Showing my Reining Horse "WEEBO"Family PicturesPicture Upload10/5/2015publicDonna Boss Murgel10/1/201845
Slide Stop on "WEEBO"Family PicturesPicture UploadpublicDonna Boss Murgel10/1/201844
Carol, Judy & Nancy working on the class website for the reunion.ReunionPicture Upload6/23/2018public6/23/201843
Diane Dick,Tom Karwin,Anne McGrathThe PorchPicture Upload10/5/2018publicAnne McGrath10/16/201842
Pat Amick,Barb Lennox,Candee Knauth,Anne McGrathReunionPicture Upload10/6/2018publicAnne McGrath10/16/201841
Bob Thornburg’s Eagle with Our FlagFamily PicturesPicture Upload9/10/2018publicBob Thornburg10/10/201840
William Goffe, with wife, Valeriya and daughter, Elizabeth, in Kiev, UkraineFamily PicturesPicture Upload8/5/2018public10/5/201839
Don McKelveyReunionPicture Uploadpublic10/13/201838
Dave Benz '67 and Jean Naismith class of '70Family PicturesPicture Uploadpublic9/12/201837
Reunion committee meeting at The Porch in May 2018ReunionPicture Upload5/12/2018publicNancy Kerr Junker6/21/201836
Cheers!ReunionPicture Upload1/2/2017publicSue Kallstrom O'Connor10/4/201835
Bob Tury, Paul Eiben, Steve WorthingtonFamily PicturesPicture Upload2/17/2010publicPaul Eiben9/29/201834
Thaleia painting in the High SierraFamily PicturesPicture Upload8/25/2016publicThaleia Georgiades9/28/201833
Thaleia at Raymond Lake, CA catching Golden TroutFamily PicturesPicture Upload8/29/2017publicThaleia Georgiades9/28/201832
Don and Terrie McKelveyFamily PicturesPicture Uploadpublic9/27/201831
Bob MantzReunionPicture Uploadpublic10/13/201830
Marcia and Bob ThornburgReunionPicture Uploadpublic10/13/201829
Tom and AnneReunionPicture UploadpublicAnne McGrath10/16/201828
Denny MagulickReunionPicture Uploadpublic10/13/201827
Pat Amick and Cliff ArbesReunionPicture Uploadpublic10/13/201825
Carol Muenze (Rick) Kathy Barzler (Steve)ReunionPicture Uploadpublic10/13/201824
Bob Thornburg and Judy BlackaReunionPicture Uploadpublic10/13/201823
A J Isacco, Keith & Courtney McWalter and Anne McGrathReunionPicture Uploadpublic10/13/201822
Cliff Arbes and Nancy KerrReunionPicture Uploadpublic10/13/201821
Candee Knauth, Julie Wohleber and Nancy GlaserReunionPicture Uploadpublic10/13/201820
Crowne Plaza Hotel ReceptionReunionPicture Uploadpublic10/13/201818
Bill Wilson drove this great car to the reunion from Mass.Family PicturesPicture UploadpublicSue Kallstrom10/9/201817
Pat Amick,Tom Karwin,Jim Douglas,Anne McGrathCrowne PlazaPicture Upload10/7/2018publicAnne McGrath10/16/201816
Donna BossReunionPicture Uploadpublic10/13/201815
Jim Fuchs and Judy BlackaReunionPicture Uploadpublic10/13/201814
Terry Donelli, Marcia and Bob ThornburgReunionPicture Uploadpublic10/13/201813
Sue Baggs Bumer (teacher) Christina (Greg Smith's Wife)ReunionPicture Uploadpublic10/13/201812
Merry Kaisner, Judy Whitehill, RobN TeichmannReunionPicture Upload10/6/2018publicKathy10/19/201811
DessertReunionPicture Upload10/6/2018public10/19/201810
Denise Toothman, Kathy Yohe, Sue Kaucic, Judy Whitehill, RobN TeichmannReunionPicture Upload10/5/2018publicKathy10/19/20189
Tom Karwin, Pat Amick and Bob LongReunionPicture Uploadpublic10/13/20188
RobN TeichmannReunionPicture Uploadpublic10/13/20187
Kathy Murphy, Steve Meyer and Kit DapprichReunionPicture Uploadpublic10/13/20186
Crowne Plaza Hotel ReceptionReunionPicture Uploadpublic10/13/20185
Crowne Plaza Hotel ReceptionReunionPicture Uploadpublic10/13/20184
Crowne Plaza Hotel ReceptionReunionPicture Uploadpublic10/13/20183
Look for the two partial stars . I was feeling this great reunion. Thanks everyone. Thanks BobbyReunion10/7/2018public10/9/20182
A southern hobbynonepublicSmith Wilson10/5/20181